Component apiextend@1.0.0

Component to add some "extends" useful in most Mantra applications (like underscore, etc).

By @mantradev

Install with:

$ mantrad download-component apiextend@1.0.0

Or install last version with:

$ mantrad download-component apiextend

apiextend Mantra component

This component exposes a number of useful libraries and methods common in Node.js applications.

The component defines an API with the following properties exposed as Mantra.Extend properties.


Returns an instance of underscore library.

const _ = Mantra.Extend.Underscore();


Returns an instance of shortid library.

const Shortid = Mantra.Extend.Shortid();


Returns an instance of extract-values library.

const ExtractValues = Mantra.Extend.Extractvalues();


Returns an instance of moment library.

const ExtractValues = Mantra.Extend.Moment();