Learn to code better and faster with Mantra, the framework designed for easy testing, minimize technical debt, simple migrations and progressive applications and CI/CD pipelines.

Build scalable applications based on Node.js

Develop platforms, startups applications and anything with lean methodology, based on concepts like radical componetization with secured and tested components you can download or develop, multi data repositories and progressive applications with easy migrations.

Get Start Now

Install with NPM

$ npm install mantrad -g

Build your first project

$ mantrad new-project

Some features

Mantra is the core javascript framework to make the life of developers easier and happier 😊


A component is the main coding block. By definition, they are small and they have single responsabilities. Each component exposes its assets to others through Mantra. Your applications are based on a number of custom components or reusable ones you can find at download section.

Multi data repositories

Mantra follows the principle simple table models. Data persistant is transparent: multiple data repositories live together within the same project which can use different data repositories depending on data persistance needs.

Multi site / multi app

A project / system / platform, consists of a number of applications that should live integrated somehow. The same project defines differents applications: user UI, admin UI, public Rest APIs, dasboards, analytics, marketing, maintenance apps, etc.


Any feature can be extended and components can define any new feature to be consumed by others components. By doing this, the reusability of the component is high.


50%/60% of main functions of any application are common. With Mantra, you got a place to find free and paid projects to start with and secured components with amazing features to extend your project. Updated continuously.

Mantra Development Paradigm

Mantra follows some paradigm principles to build highly scalable an maintenable applications and projects. Download and read Mantra Whitepaper.


Mantra production ready 1.1.0 will be released at 16 feb 2022!